How Online Oil Condition Monitoring System helps in effective machinery management and saving cost?

How Online Oil Condition Monitoring System helps in effective machinery management and saving cost?

What’s online oil condition monitoring system?

Online oil condition monitoring systems is a integrated, smart, efficient and cost-effective solution.

Yateks Online Oil Condition Monitoring System features:

(1)Modular original design for easy installation and support OEM

(2) Standardization of non-standard products

(3) Wide range of detection


(5)Intelligent interaction

(6) Historical data storage and further trend analysis

The functions and benifits of online oil monitoring system

(1)Track machine condition with showing specific parameters both on-site and remote control on mobile so you can trend and analyze data.

(2) Entire plant sections or only critical machines can be monitored with online systems to optimize plant availability. Intelligent interaction is able to alert you to abnormal readings requiring action and help you extend asset life.

(3) Affordable system for large implementations with streamlined architecture and combined multifunctional solution.

(4) For monitoring the wearing state and changing trend of machinery; Achieving maximum machinery and lubricant efficiency to save cost; Guiding you check faults and do maintenance in time to avoid great losses caused by machinery failure; Extending the machinery lifetime……

Application of online oil monitoring system in different industries

(1)Transportation: Vessels, on-board machinery, Aerospace, Heavy Vehicles, Locomotive Engines, etc.

(2)Industrial: Turbine, Compressor, Steel Plant, Cement plant, Food plant, Medicine plant,Filtration, Artificial intelligence machinery etc.

(3)Oil & Gas: Oil & Gas station, Oil & Gas Production machine, Maritime project, etc.

(4)Power: Wind power, Solar power and other new energy, Transformer, etc.

(5) Mining: Mining equipment

(6)Construction: Heavy machinery for construction, Hydraulic system,etc.

Yateks Online oil monitoring system is one of a most efficient and cost-effective monitoring systems for large machinery and extensive plants with production-critical units. we’re can be your best partner to help you protect your asset efficient and reducing cost.

Yateks Vision and Mission for Online oil monitoring system Vision: To be a global leading manufacturer and Intelligent service and comprehensive solution provider of online oil monitoring system. Mission: Protect the environment and contribute to the sustainable development of humans, Engaging in creating customer value.