Application of Yateks Endoscope in Automobile Engine Industry

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Application of Yateks Endoscope in Automobile Engine Industry

It is well known that industrial endoscopes are widely used in the automotive engine industry, mainly due to the complex internal structure of the engine. This article will introduce the targeted application of the industrial endoscope produced by Yateks in the engine industry.

The automobile engine is composed of two major mechanisms and five major systems, the crank connecting rod mechanism and the valve mechanism, the ignition system, the fuel supply system, the cooling system, the lubrication system and the starting system. This adds a great challenge to the overhaul service of the car 4S shop. In response to this demand, Yateks high-end P-series and X-series endoscopes have helped a lot. The HDMI signal output can be connected to an external large-screen display, for multiple technical experts to analyze and find the fault location. The probe diameter can be selected from 2.2mm, 2.8mm, 3.9mm, and 6mm with 360 degree articulation which can basically meet the observations in all parts of a complex engine.

The engine body is composed of a cylinder head, a cylinder head gasket, a cylinder block, an oil pan, a cylinder head cover and a main bearing cover. As the engine manufacturer, the demand for endoscope inspection is also very high.

Yateks M series endoscopes and P series endoscopes are used for Ford engine inspection, Nemak cylinder block inspection, and combustion chamber carbon deposit inspection.

Yateks B/B+ endoscope is widely used for defect inspection of castings. Its unique strong light suppression and weak light compensation function is extremely convenient for engineers to use onsite.

Yateks endoscope cameras are made of all-glass materials, materials are up to industry standards, and can withstand a temperature of about 75 degrees.

As a manufacturer of endoscopes, Yateks can also accept customized services for online endoscope inspections. If you have similar needs, you can contact us. Our technical team will tailor-made for you according to your on-site usage with low cost and efficient solution.