YTF-8 Dual Slide Analytical Ferrography

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  • Dual slide analytical ferrograph equipment ensuring steady oil transmission.
  • Ferrography wears analysis with the reliable ferrographic image processing system.
  • Unique velocity adjusting device at oil outlet.


YTF-8 Dual Slide Oil Analytical Ferrography system is composed of Dual Slide ferrograph, ferroscope and ferrographic software management system. The Dual Slide ferrograph applies high-gradient magnetic field to separate the ferromagnetic and paramagnetic abrasive grains from the engine oil which will deposit on a glass sheet in an order of the size of the grains to make a ferrograph which will be observed and analyzed in many aspects like shape, size, gradient and quantity of the abrasive grains on the glass sheet by a ferroscope.

With the help of ferrographic software management system, the system can build a database for routine management and analysis of the ferrographs. The Dual Slide ferrograph can be used to check the abrasion of the internal combustion engines, gas turbines, gearboxes, bearings, hydraulic systems, etc. in many industries. Besides, it can also be used as a research tool for tribology and wear analysis in universities and scientific research institutes.

YTF-8 Oil Analysis of Dual Slide Analytical Ferrography



  1. Adopt specialized atmospheric pumps. Ensuring reliable and steady oil transmission.
  2. With ferrographic image processing system, including image acquisition hardware and processing software.
  3. Unique velocity adjusting deice at oil outlet to guarantee success rate of making a ferrogram.
  4. Powerful foreign object discharge function
  5. No limitations of lubricant type to be monitored.
  6. Two ferrograms made at the same time, advanced the making velocity of ferrogram.




Moisture Content 0‐5% 0‐10% 0‐20%(optional)
Measurement Accuracy 0.3%(typical)0.5%(max)
Resolution 0.1%
Temperature ‐40‐120℃
Measurement Accuracy 0.3℃(typical)0.5℃(max)
Resolution 0.1℃
Other   Parameters
Output 2lines: 4‐20mA analog signal and RS485   digital signal
Working   Voltage DC9V‐28V
Working Current  < 6mA+ load current
Max Pressure  < 100bar
Working   Temperature ‐40‐85℃
Oil   Temperature ‐40‐120℃
Machine   Interface G1/2” BSP
Electrical   Interface M8*1, 6 cores
Cable Specification 6 cores, UL208666*22AWG 2m
EMC standard EN 61000‐6‐4:2007 EN 61000‐6‐2:2005
Probe Material stainless steel 316
IP Rating IP66
weight 250 g



S/N Name Qty. Remark
1 Dual slide ferrography 1 pc  
2 Ferrograph sheet 100 pcs  
3 Ferrograph sheet box 5 pcs  
4 Oil tube 50 pcs  
5 Beaker 4 pcs  
6 Special test tube 20 pcs  
7 Oil return tube 3 pcs  
8 O-shaped seal ring 20 pcs Large
9 O-shaped seal ring 20 pcs Small
10 Seal ring of test tube 4 pcs  
11 Reagent bottle 3 pcs  
12 Sealed cover 3 pcs  
13 Pad 4 pcs  
14 Power adapter 1 pc  
15 Power line 1 pc  
16 Manual Instruction 1 pc  
17 Slide 4 pcs  
18 Tube stopper 4 pcs  
19 Transparent cover 2 pcs Beaker cover
20 Disposable oil sample dropper 20pcs



Package dimension: 580*560*610mm

Gross Weight: 28.5kg