Yateks B+ series Portable Industrial Borescope

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  • B+series portable industrial borescope with CE&RoHS
  • Optional diameter probe: front view 2.2mm;8mm; side view 3.0mm.
  • Flexible and Rigid inspection camera


Yateks B+ series portable endoscope is a product with rich functions, which adopts HD image processing technology and the latest improved lens to ensure clearer images, minor defects are all under your view. At the same time, Simple and humanized operation, compact and playful appearance make it not only a necessary tool for quick and visual inspection by professionals in the auto repair industry, but also the first choice to satisfy every car lover who CARES about their health.

In addition, this product has a front lens with small diameter of 2.2mm, 2.8mm and side lens with a diameter of 3.0mm, so that you can choose one as needed. With one machine and multiple probe, you can get the best combination at the best price to adapt to various working conditions.


Technical Advantage:

1.Unique function of strong light inhibition and weak light compensation;

High light compensation (HLC): It can effectively inhibit the reflection of light source and improve the solution of metal detection;
Back light compensation(BLC): in the weak light environment, it can see more dark details by the exposure algorithm to improve the image brightness;

2.Adopting brand-new HD image processing technology, ultra-clear image, minor defects are all under your view.


3.Adopt 0inch IPS wide viewing angle screen

854*480 resolution with unique image processing technology, the picture quality is exquisite and clear; IPS wide viewing angle screen: True color representation, no reflection at any Angle, high brightness, to cope with severe industrial testing environment;

4.Anti-friction and anti-erosion, the insertion tube is woven with 4-layer of tungsten alloyand optional stainless steel material,IP67 standard of the probe

4.Optional small diameter probe tube: front view 2.2mm; 2.8mm; side view 3.0mm.

5.Strictly in accordance with ISO9001 quality system standard, approved CE, RoHS



B+series portable industrial borescope can be widely applied to detect and diagnose wear and carbon blockage of engine, cylinder, oil pressure components, fuel pipe, muffler, conveyance, and air conditioning system, differential, water tank, oil tank, gearbox, pipe, etc.

For more information on B+series borescope camera, please contact us https://yateks.com/contact/




Display 5.0 inch IPS wide viewing angle screen
White Balance AWB
Function Photography, video, brightness control, image zoom, image freeze, image locking and image flip
Internal storage TF card (up to 32GB)
Data I/O port SD card interface, HDMI, USB interface
Brightness Control 3 degree brightness adjustment
Battery 18650 lithium batteries(replaceable)
Standby time ≥6h
File management Support image and video play, delete, format and naming
Image format JEPG(record the date and time)
Video format AVI (record the date and time)
Signal Output PAL&NTSC
Language Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean
Probe dimension 2.2mm,2.8mm,3.0mm(side view)
Insertion tube length 2.2mm/1-1.5m;2.8mm and 3mm /1-3m
Insertion tube type Flexible
Insertion tube material tungsten braid or stainless steel optional
Resolution 450,000 pixels
DOF 3mm~50mm; 5-50mm
Angle of view 120°
System work temperature -10°C~50°C
Probe work temperature -10°C~60°C
Waterproof grade Probe IP67



1 pcs B+Series main body
1 pcs B+Series insertion tube
1 pcs 18650 Li-ion Battery and box
1 pcs AC power adaptor
1 pcs Micro USB cable
1 pcs Video converter cable
1 pcs 8GB Micro-SD card
1 pcs Bracket
1 pcs User Manual
1 pcs Carrying case



Shipping of Yateks B+series portable industrial endoscope

Package dimension: 43*13*40cm