M-UV Series Ultraviolet Industrial Borescope

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  • UV borescope with the 365nm UV waveband
  • ultraviolet light power ≥60mW can achieve 4-meter.
  • Mechanical 360°articulation and weighs only 0.75kg.


Yateks M-UV Series Ultraviolet Borescope is a type of specially designed industrial endoscope for checking UV fluorescence reactant in special industries, such as the special coating on the engine, explosive components, etc.With Yateks patented technology, it can achieve 4-meter effective observation distance under a totally dark environment. It is widely used in the work of special coating reverse optimization, anti-terrorist, hazardous article searching, etc., with which the UV fluorescent reactant can be quickly detected.


Technical Advantages:

1.The basic principle of UV Borescope is that when certain substances are exposed to ultraviolet light, there is a fluorescent reaction that can be easily observed. Special industries such as engine special coatings and specific explosive components contain ultraviolet fluorescent reactants.In simulation experiment below, the hair is simulated as a crack on the surface and it is detected by Yateks M-UV Borescope.

2.UV light effect can help to detect those marks and substance that can’t be found under ordinary white light.

3. Fluorescence detection of PT and MT in UV light mode, emission of UV 365nm band

4.Mechanical 360°articulation , the biggest bending angle of single direction is 180°.



Widely used in the work of special coating reverse optimization, anti-terrorist, hazardous substance searching. The UV fluorescents can be quickly detected.



Technical Specification:

1. System
Size 315*103*173mm
Weight 0.75KG
Monitor High brightness 3.5’’ active matrix color liquid crystal display (640*480)
White Balance Automatic white balance
Joystick Control Mechanical 360° full direction articulation
Direction Locking Mechanical automatic locking
Function Take photos, record videos, record audios, brightness adjustment, locking and fine adjustment, picture zooming in/out, image freeze and flip
Audio Integrated 3.5mm headphone (Optional)
Storage 16G
Data Port SD card interface, headset interface, HDMI interface, Micro USB interface(charging and data reading)
Battery One 18650 Li-battery(Replaceable)
Standby Time ≥4h
Brightness Adjustment 6 levels of brightness level
2. Software
User Interface List operating menu
File Management Support photo/video playback, delete, format
Image Control Flip, zooming, freeze; color/black and white image mode;
Picture Format JPEG/JPG(Record date and time)
Video Format AVI(Record date and time)
Language En, CN, Kr, ES, De, RU, JP
Software Update Update via port
3. Insertion tube Specification
Insertion tube

outer diameter

6.0±0.1 mm/ 3.9±1mm
Insertion tube length 1.0m,1.5m, 2.0m,3.0m
Insertion tube material Tungsten-braided
Articulation 360° mechanical arbitrary direction
Bending angle 150±10°
Effective pixels Forward view 450, 000pixels
Depth of Field 3~50mm
Field of View 80°
UV light power ≥60mW
UV waveband 365nm
4. Operating environment
Main body working temperature -10°C~50°C
Probe working temperature -20°C~70°C
Relative humidity Highest 90%, no condensation
Waterproof Probe IP67/Mainbody IP54


Models Shipment

Shipping of Yateks M-UV series industrial endoscope

Package dimension: 500*155*425mm

Net Weight: 5.6 kg

Volume Weight: 7.6 kg