M-RF Series IR Infrared Industrial Borescope Camera

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  • Night vision endoscope with the 6mm front camera.
  • Infrared borescope can achieve 10-meter/20-meter with invisible light.
  • IR endoscope whole body weighs only 0.6kg.


Yateks M-RF series IR Infrared Industrial Borescope Camera is a customized endoscope type for such special industries. Based on mechanical control of 360° rotation, it can reduce the noise to the lowest level. With a 6mm infrared night vision lens, it can achieve 10-meter/20-meter effective observing distance under a totally dark environment, in order to lower the risk of observers.In the process of criminal investigation and security work, how to skillfully and secretly observe the target environment plays an essential role.




1. M-RF series night vision endoscope can achieve 10-meter/20-meter effective observation distance under a totally dark environment and the lens with invisible light.

2.6mm front camera makes it possible to be inserted into small space to observe

3. 450,000 effective pixels, the visual field can be clearly detected.

4.Mechanical control of 360° rotation can achieve observation in all small direction

5.The whole body weighs only 0.6kg, portable and convenient

6.Interchangeable probes— one main body can match several probes to satisfy different demands.

7.Optional magnetic support base, the host can be attached to the detected shell (metal material) in special circumstances. 8.Removable Host and support base structure, easy to work on the desktop when the product will be fixedly placed.


Application :

It can be used in special departments such as public security, special policeman, criminal investigation and border defense to carry out work like investigation, security check, explosive-removal and search-and-rescue etc. With this instrument, the risk can be greatly lowered and the safety of law-executors can be ensured.

The other Thermal Video Borescope, more information please contact us.




Module Submodule YTE-6M-IR series
System Dimension 315*103*173mm
Display screen 3.5” IPS industrial high definition screen with resolution ratio of 640*480
Control lever Mechanical rocker with lens able to rotate in 360-degree
Probe reset Automatic set
Functions Photography, video, brightness control, locking, frame&flip and zoom in/ out
Audio 3.5mm integrated headset
Internal storage 16G
Data I/O port SD card interface, headset interface, HDMI interface, Micro USB interface(charging and data reading)
Battery One 18650 Lithium batteries(replaceable)
Standby time ≥3 Hours
Operating Method Handy portable
Brightness Control 6-degree brightness adjustment
Front video probe Probe dimension 6.0mm±0.1mm
Total length 0-3m
luminance ≥20,000lux
Angle of view 80°
Angle of bending 150±10°
Effective pixels 450,000 pixels
Luminous power E type:≥100mw(10m effective distance observing)
P type:≥250mw(20m effective distance observing)
Depth of field (mm) 50~+∞mm
Direction of rotation of lens Mechanical rotation of any direction at 360°
Material of insert tube Tungsten wire wear-resistant tube
Operation system Real time multitasking operation system
Software User interface Pull down operation menu
File management Support image and video play, delete, format
Image control frame& flip, freeze and zoom in/ out
Image format JPEG/JPG(record the date and time)
Video format AVI(record the date and time)
Language English/Chinese/Korean/German/Japanese/
Operating environment Operating temperature of main body -10-50°c
Operating temperature of probe -20-50°C
Relative humidity Max 90%, No condensation
IP rating IP54 for main body
IP67 for probe



Shipping of Yateks M-IR series industrial endoscope

Package dimension: 500*155*425mm

Net Weight: 5.6 kg

Volume Weight: 7.6 kg